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October 9 2020
Beth Kaiser
Beth Kaiser

At Atkins, our approach is personal and catered to meet the needs of your facility and the residents who live in it.

We know senior care facilities are under tremendous pressure to contain costs due to increasing healthcare expenses and cuts in Medicare and Medicaid payments. These aggressive regulations related to resident care contribute to stress and increased costs.

We can help you with that!

As we continue to navigate through COVID-19, we continue to identify needs for businesses in our community. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our services for senior care facilities.

Extensive experience cleaning medical facilities.

Atkins has long-standing relationships cleaning medical facilities across the state of Missouri, include cleaning of critical care areas of hospitals, surgery centers, skilled nursing facilities and off-site clinic networks. Making the transition to senior care is simple.

What services do you classify as “senior care”?
We like to think this includes not only senior living communities, but assisted living and long-term care facilities.

Our services include:

  • COVID-19 and other disinfecting cleaning technology
  • Outsourcing housekeeping and linen services
  • Trained EVS manager and quality control program
  • Floor care and kitchen deep cleaning

Technology in Disinfecting

Ever heard of electrostatic disinfecting cleaning technology? It doesn’t just clean, it disinfects. This unique process uses an electrical charge and specialized cleaning solution to wrap around a surface to provide more effective coverage than traditional cleaners.

Two of our superheroes are suited up and using electrostatic technology cleaners to disinfectant the areas in the main Atkins building.

We only use hospital-grade cleaning solutions approved by the EPA and proven to kill COVID-19 and other common viruses found in senior care living facilities.

There are more traditional cleaning methods and there are Atkins cleaning methods. Which do you prefer?

Need more than cleaning services?

We offer an extensive list of other programs, including a variety of pest control and grounds maintenance services. Feeling festive? We even do holiday lighting installation!

Call (573) 874-5100 for a consultation and quote for any of our offerings.

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