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Based on nearly 100 years in the business, the Atkins Pest Control Team has the expertise and experience to eliminate pests from your home, business, or office. Our team of experts also specialize in not allowing them back!

The top four reasons you should choose Atkins Pest Control:

  • Our pest experts have extensive knowledge of pests. We know their habits and their characteristics — whether your pests are insects, rodents, or wildlife, Atkins Pest Control has you covered.
  • We offer the expertise and resources to control pests while assuring the safety of the people (and pets) in your household or office.
  • Atkins Pest Control experts are licensed and certified workers who are up-to-date on the latest threats and effective treatment methods.
  • Our services are tailored to your needs, including timely responses to your requests.

Atkins Pest Control is dedicated to exceptional customer service. Find a pest control expert near you –– our trained personnel cover Columbia, Jefferson City and all of central Missouri. We also have specialists in bed bugs and wildlife control. At Atkins Pest Control, we set a high standard for our crews. They must be smart, efficient, and respectful of people and property.

Get rid of pests and keep them away. Call Atkins Pest Control for expertise tailored to your needs. We offer recurring seasonal services and perform one-time jobs. Whatever you require, we offer results.

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Call Atkins Pest Control to solve your insect problems. With our insect pest control services, we can target ants, bedbugs, bees, birds, clover mites, cockroachesfleas, flies, gnats, spiders (including brown recluse), wasps, hornets, mosquitos and anything else.

We begin by eliminating the pest problem. Because the best defense is a good offense, we recommend regular preventative treatment outside and inside your building. You choose the schedule that works the best for you; whether it’s monthly or quarterly, our preventative treatment will help to keep those pesky insects away.

  • Atkins cares about both you and your pets, and we know how pesky fleas and ticks can be. We offer flea and tick treatments for your lawn to keep you and your pets comfortable.
  • Are you suspecting termites have welcomed themselves into your building? Atkins not only offers home termite inspections, but we also have a team of experts in termite prevention and management

Technology makes pest control more effective. At Atkins Pest Control, we have the equipment and skills to use a method called “heat and treat.” This method is known to be the most effective for bed bug infestations. Exceptional customer service is our priority, and by staying current with the latest developments in equipment, skills, and resources, we can give you just that.

Rodents and Wildlife

Is wildlife or rodents your pest issue? Atkins Pest Control will approach the problem in a thorough and humane manner. Call us to arrange special services such as removing bats from your attic or raccoons from under your back porch. We’ll also create a plan for long-term removal, so those pesky critters do not return to your building!

Atkins Pest Control can handle snakes, moles, opossum, squirrels, skunks and other unwanted varmints. We make every effort to trap and humanely relocate all species whenever possible.

We also offer routine services for rodent and wildlife pest control such as monthly “mole patrols.” These are regularly scheduled rodent control strategies implemented with secure baiting systems.

Trained, Certified Staff

Atkins staff members are trained and licensed in proper, safe treatment methods. Our teams are commercial applicators licensed with the State of Missouri. All our pest control employees receive regular in-service training.

We have applicators with Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) credentials from the Entomological Society of America, which requires six years experience before taking the exam.


Our pest control technicians are Quality Pro Trained® — a National Pest Control Association accreditation. This means Atkins is committed to strict standards for customer service, background screening, drug testing and environmental stewardship. This includes ongoing training in the most effective industry and environmental treatment measures.

Needless to say, this expertise is critical for the health of your family and employees, as well as your pets. We practice Integrated Pest Control, targeting safe use of pesticides only as needed and applied using environmentally responsible methods.

Depth of Experience

No other company has the depth of experience like Atkins Pest Control for serving hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, and other institutions and businesses. Plus, Atkins’ tenured, certified, experienced pest control managers and technicians will bring the same level of expertise to your home and yard. Don’t worry about doing your own pest control; our team of pest control experts is nearby and ready to help with your pest problems.

Questions? We have answers.
Whatever you need, we can help.

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