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August 4 2020
Beth Kaiser
Beth Kaiser

They’re cute.

They’re cuddly.

They’re headed for your comfortable home or office this fall and winter.


Do you find yourself Googling “How to get ride of mice” or “best mouse traps?” You shoulda called Atkins, the best pest preventative pest control company, to save yourself time and energy.

At Atkins, we specialize in pest control and wildlife removal and are dedicated to protecting your home or business from the dangers associated with both.

“As more people work remotely or gear up for remote learning this fall and winter, there will be a lack of a variety of food sources, including garbage, that come from humans on campuses and office facilities,” said Sean Chase, Director and Associate Certified Entomologist of the Atkins Pest Control Team.

When rodents can’t hit their usual “hot spots” for their meals, they are forced to look for alternative ways to feed and take shelter. This will drive pest populations into commercial and residential buildings for food and/or shelter.


If one of these pests takes residence in your home or business, you may find nests of fur, miscellaneous nuts, leaves and other plants in the attic, walls or crawl spaces.

Fun fact: Squirrels can find food buried beneath a foot of snow!
(Source: National Wildlife Federation)


Mice are notorious for squeezing into tiny spaces, some as small as a dime. They love chewing on electrical wires because the coating is either soy or corn based. It also smells like food when a current passes through it. Mice will use insulation for nesting material and will sneak into cabinets where all the good snacks are stored.

While they look cute, their droppings and fur host some nasty diseases and parasites, so as soon as you see one, you better call Atkins, the experts who specialize in affordable mouse control in your town.

Fun fact: A standard house mouse can produce between 40 and 100 droppings per day. (Source: Pest World for Kids)

Our Interior Rodent Treatment is done using a couple different treatment methods. The Atkins technician will discuss the best option for your home or business.

Our Rodent Control Program offers protection to your home or business on the inside and out. Generally, we place six to eight exterior bait stations around the perimeter of the structure. We check these stations monthly or quarterly (depending on severity and the amount of activity) and add new bait as needed.

Are the rodent control treatment methods safe for my pets?
All items will be placed in discreet areas out of reach from your pets. If you ever rearrange your furniture, the stations will need to be moved, too.

Raccoons & Wildlife Removal

“Many years ago, I lived in an older brick home in Boonville that used to have wood stoves in each room,” recalled Beth Kaiser, Atkins Director of Marketing and Business Development. “My daughter heard scratching in the wall where the old chimney used to be. No sooner than I leaned my head against the wall to take a closer listen, a raccoon paw loosened the metal plate covering the hole where the stove used to be and started wiggling it’s paw around! I quickly placed my hand on the opening so the raccoon didn’t get into the house!”

Ever had anything like that happen to you?

Our wildlife removal experts believe in wildlife reduction, usually from the ground, in the most environmentally-friendly and humanely way possible. We will make recommendations to you to seal and/or fix areas of access to wildlife so other furry invaders won’t take the place of the ones removed.

Have additional questions about the furry friends in your backyard at your business? We at Atkins are here to provide proven and affordable solutions for your home or business designed to keep pests out.

Call Atkins at (573) 874-5100 for a free quote!

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