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April 14 2020
Beth Kaiser
Beth Kaiser

Our pets are like members of our family. When they don’t feel good, we don’t feel good. When they get itchy, we get itchy.

Meet Harper.

Harper loves tennis balls, chasing kids and chewing on sticks. Most importantly, she loves running around her yard.

Happy Harper!

Harper is happy because her mom and dad signed up for the Atkins Flea & Tick Lawn Treatment to help control these pests on Harper’s lawn. She’s not scratching all the time or itchy due to pesky flea and tick bites.

How does the Atkins flea and tick treatment work?
When you call Atkins to set an appointment, the pest technician uses a truck-mounted sprayer to apply the appropriate amount of pesticide (according to the label) to the entire surface of your lawn and/or shrubbery.

The technician will also spray flower beds next to any structures (house, shed, etc.), along with dog houses, runs or pens. Low shrubs and low-hanging tree branches are also sprayed to ensure we’re covering all areas where fleas and ticks might hide.

Playing with a squeaky tennis ball is Harper’s favorite thing to do!

How much does the Atkins flea and tick treatment cost?
Estimates are always free! The cost varies based on the size of the area you would like for us to treat.

Is the flea and tick treatment safe for my animals AND my kids?
Yes. Once this application is dry, it is safe to return to the treated area. We do recommend removing all pets, kids, toys and food and water dishes out of the area to be treated.

How long does it take for the flea and tick treatment to dry?
It usually takes about an hour.

What if it rains the same day or the day after you spray my lawn with the treatment?
The fleas and ticks are most affected within the first hour AFTER the application. The residual treatment of the application is minimally affected by rain or an irrigation system (if you have one).

This Spring, rid your lawn of fleas and ticks to keep your pets happy and help keep your home flea and tick free.*

*Spraying your lawn does not guarantee your pet will remain flea and tick free. Treat your animals with flea and tick preventative as recommended by your vet.

Harper is confused. Why haven’t you called Atkins yet?

A happy dog is a flea and tick free dog. Let us spray your lawn this Spring. Call today for your free quote.

Want more of Harper?
Follow her on Instagram! Follow her on @shouldacalledatkins or @awesome_aussie_harper.

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