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October 13 2020
Atkins Inc
Atkins Inc

The importance of why you need core aeration service and seeding this fall.

You’ve mowed, you’ve fertilized and you’ve watered. Your healthy, thick grass is within reach, but wait — you’re missing one key element in your lawn care to treat yourself to a luscious lawn. This fall, we’re here to talk with you about the importance of core aeration and seeding, and why the time is now to do so. 

At Atkins, without a doubt we provide the best lawn care service by looking after your property as if it were our own. We love healthy, green lawns that make your home or commercial property look maintained and well-manicured. Atkins soil aeration will help you achieve the lawn of your dreams. Soil aeration breaks up the soil’s surface to open it up for water, nutrients and air exchange. 

We perform core aeration for a more immediate impact on the look and health of your lawn. Core aeration pulls “cores” of soil from the ground to make your soil less compact and absorb nutrients more quickly. Core aeration also has the added benefit of bringing the soil’s microbes to the surface to break down the thatch layer. Aerating in the fall is important for your lawn’s health to encourage the spread of some grass strains, such as Zoysia and Bermuda, and to make room for cool-season grass to germinate, such as Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass. 

To make soil aeration actually benefit the health of your lawn, you need to act now by seeking cutting edge lawn care. Fall aeration allows your lawn to breathe and receive necessary nutrients before the harsh winter weather sets in.

Seeding is also a much-needed service in the fall to maintain your healthy lawn. Weeds are aggressive, and you need to make your lawn beat out those pesky weeds. Weeds will take over any bare spot in your lawn, so you need to fill those areas with what you want — healthy, luscious grass seeds — before it’s too late. Not only will your grass look better after seeding, but you are creating better soil for years to come by fighting off erosion.

At Atkins, our experienced technicians are experts in many processes for seeding and can recommend the best option for your lawn. In many cases, we will “overseed” your lawn to fill in any bare patches to create a full, dense area. We also offer seeding directly after aeration where we plant the seeds directly in the holes we create to allow nutrients and water to better absorb into the soil. Another option is slit seeding, where small shallow cuts are made into the soil to create rows for the grass to grow in. 

No matter what your current lawn looks like, Atkins will provide you with custom lawn care in order for you to realize the lawn of your dreams. We have more than four decades of experience in central Missouri, so we know how our soils and weather impact lawns and landscapes. Aerating and seeding your lawn now before the cold weather sets in is crucial for a healthy, dense lawn to make you the envy of the neighborhood!

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