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We are OPEN! Stay at home and let us come to you!

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June 28 2019
Beth Cowgill
Beth Cowgill

What the heck is that?

White spray paint? Not hardly.

Snow in the summer time? We’re not in Colorado.

Thousands of spider eggs? I sure hope not!?!

What the heck is that on those blades of grass?

Slime mold.

When the weather is hot, humid and there’s been as much rain as we’ve had, your yard becomes a susceptible host for a variety things, including soil-borne fungi like slime mold.

Shoulda called Atkins? Only if you have the weeds in the background like this yard!

Thankfully, as the ground dries up, conditions like slime mold generally go away on their own.

Still think you’ve got a problem? Give us a call today and we’ll come out and take a look.

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