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October 7 2019
Shaun Henry
Shaun Henry

Ah…fall. Cooler temps, bonfires and leaves. Lots and lots of leaves. Eventually, those beautiful leaves fall to the ground, and if you have a lot of trees around your property, you also have a lot of leaves.

Now what?

Do you rake them up or leave them lie?

We polled random people about raking their leaves and this is what they said:

  • “We don’t rake, but we use a leaf blower to get them into one spot and burn. That’s much easier.” – Carrie, Harrisburg, MO.
  • “I leave them because I like the way they look and sound when I walk over them.” – Amy, Columbia, MO.
  • “We rake them because it seems like all the leaves from our neighbor’s trees land in our yard and are trapped by the fence. I’d rather leave some because they do serve a purpose, but we get way too many to not do something with them.” – Jessica, Boonville, MO.
  • “I blow them away from the house then mow them.” – Danielle, New Franklin, MO.
Shaun Henry,
Turf & Tree Manager

Nothing says FUN like raking all the leaves into a BIG pile and jumping in, but what do the pros at Atkins have to say?

Turf & Tree Manager Shaun Henry says:

“Chop them up with the mower as often and as long as you can without them beginning to mat down and smother your grass. Blow them or rake them away from the ground when there are too many to chop up. Once they mat down, they can and will kill the grass beneath them.”

Have additional questions about fall lawn care? Call the experts at Atkins. We are your one-stop shop for all things fall.

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