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June 17 2019
Beth Kaiser
Beth Kaiser

The first day of summer is rapidly approaching, and with that comes BBQ’s, swimming and basking in the sun. Ahhhh!

It also brings heat, humidity and bugs, specifically the Japanese Beetle. Ugh!

Have you ever had a run in with these bad bugs? If so, you have first-hand experience on the amount of damage they can do to the landscape around your yard.

These bronze-winged, emerald green pests appear in late June and feed for about six months. Once they find a cozy home, they lay eggs in preparation for next season’s crops. They love your beautiful roses, linden and fruit trees and many other desirable landscape plants.

A linden tree damaged by Japanese beetles. Photo by Shaun Henry.

Many times during the peak of infestation, people hang pheromone traps with the best intention of capturing as many of these hungry beetles as possible.

Unfortunately, what typically happens is these hormone-baited traps only draw hundreds if not thousands more of the beetles into your area from miles away to feed and lay eggs. If you care for your plants and like your neighbors, you might want to reconsider using these traps.

There are a few ways to get rid of Japanese beetles without attracting more to the area and causing additional damage to your trees and shrubs. Contact us today for details! 573-874-5100.

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