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October 15 2019
Shaun Henry
Shaun Henry

Year after year, the weather roller coaster of mid-Missouri always keeps us on our toes. With record heat over the month of September and then an early frost in October, your lawn had some ups and downs.

Cool season lawns have “greened up” nicely for the Fall and the warm season grasses are headed into dormancy. If you seeded your lawn already this Fall, hopefully you will see an increase in overall turf density, as that is the best weed control you could ask for. This increased thickness will make a difference next Spring, too.

With our late Fall lawn applications, we spread or spray a “winterizer” type of fertilizer to help improve upon the color and overall health as we head into the cold winter months. This material adds nutrients to the soil for use now and in the Spring when the turf starts growing again. The cooler temps of the Fall will help reduce the amount of moisture lost from your plants, so watering typically isn’t necessary.

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Shaun Henry
Turf & Tree Department Manager

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