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September 3 2019
Shaun Henry
Shaun Henry

Happy (almost) Fall, Neighbors!

Although it seems that summer has really flown by, the periodic scorching heat and occasional drought has put some of our lawn and landscape plants through the ringer. Fall temps and moisture are a welcome relief for us. We have seen a fair share of disease, insect, drought and heat-related issues in the area and hope that with the Fall we see a speedy recovery. If you notice anything in your lawn or in your landscape needing attention, please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. We are here to help however we can!

If you’re one of our current lawn customers, we’re getting ready to apply our early Fall applications. This provides nutrients to help your lawn green back up, improve its overall health and vigor, plus replenish its food supply for the fall. As some of the summer annuals disappear on their own (crabgrass, spurge, foxtail), we continue to treat other persistent weeds, such as dandelions, clover and nutsedge. Watering isn’t necessary, but as drought conditions arise, any watering will certainly help.

Aside from fungal disease and drought damage, it’s also time to keep an eye out for white grubs in the lawn. Grub damage is easily mistaken for drought and/or disease damage. The giveaway is finding turf that pulls up easily in a mat, like a rug. If we find any, we’ll let you know so that you can have us treat them to keep from losing anymore grass.

Be sure to mow as often as you possibly can with a sharp blade to reduce stress on the grass. Make plans to aerate and/or seed as needed to help the lawn fill back in for the Fall and the 2020 Spring.

See something, say something!
If you ever notice anything on your property that “just doesn’t quite look right,” let us know and we can check it out for you.

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