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May 10 2017
Atkins Inc
Atkins Inc

Summer is upon us; will your yard be ready?

There’s still time to transform your outdoor space to the place everyone will want to be this summer! Don’t worry- you don’t have to be an expert to pull off the best get-togethers. With these 5 easy steps, your yard will have you looking like the host/hostess who does it all!

1. Add Some Pops of Color

It’s summer, the time for a bright and lively atmosphere. You don’t have to paint your fence neon yellow, but your yard should feel refreshed and energetic! Adding flowers to your landscaping can change the entire look; Coreopsis, Dahlias and Marigolds are all easy to maintain and look beautiful and bright, but any flower you like will do!

2. Sitting Room

Nothing will kill the mood faster than nowhere for your guests to go. It’s easy to create the perfect flow for a gathering by allocating different sitting areas. This will not only entertain everyone, it will also give you some time to have fun yourself! Your guests will have their own conversations going on and you can just soak in the compliments on your awesome outdoor space.

3.You Are How Your Lawn Looks

A beautiful lawn will upgrade the entire look and feel of your outdoor space. Not only is it more comfortable for you and your guests, but it compliments the season and creates an even more beautiful space for a perfect party, barbecue or lazy day outside.

4. Create a Bug-Free Zone

This may seem impossible, well, because it is, but there are some ways to keep pests away from the party! You can purchase many things from local stores like lanterns and candles, or you can use an actual pest service to spray your yard and get powerful, temporary relief from mosquitoes and other bugs!

5. Always Be Prepared

Ok this isn’t about your yard, per say, but the essentials have to be mentioned: Food and drinks! When you follow the steps above, friends and family will be knocking on your door, so you’ll need to have these on hand at all times!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our fun take on doing summer gatherings right! If you have questions about any of these services, or how we can help improve your outdoor space, contact us today!

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