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January 18 2016
Atkins Inc
Atkins Inc

Webster’s Dictionary defined “Utility” as “the quality of state of being useful; usefulness: production of good.”  The Atkins “Utility Team” embodies this definition.  As our top cleaning crew, the Utility Team is led by our most experienced cleaning manager.  This team’s tenure and exposure to unique cleaning situations has given them the skills and attitude to get any job done efficiently and to the highest standards of cleanliness.

Through decades of experience in the service industry, Atkins has learned to expect the unexpected.  Customers’ needs evolve, the weather is unpredictable and change is one of the few constants.  Our ability to adapt is crucial to the success that defines Atkins as a company.

The Atkins Utility Team puts us in a unique position that allows us to not only meet, but often exceed customer expectations by:

  1. Reacting to the special needs of a customer beyond their normal scope of service. The Utility Team regularly steps in to help our customers with special events, holidays and even unexpected disasters.
  2. Introducing the Atkins cleaning service to new customers.Anytime a customer transitions to a new service, it is important to have our best people oversee this transition to make sure there are no unnecessary complications.Our Utility Team does this by setting the bar for the customer and training new employees on the standard of service that has come to be expected by Atkins customers.
  3. Being flexible.The Utility team will act as support for other teams that may experience absences due to holidays or vacation, insuring the customer doesn’t experience interruptions in service.


“The Production of Good” is a fair definition for the Atkins Utility Team.  Our goal is to structure our organization and our teams to provide the highest level of service that we can provide.  That’s what our customers deserve.

Learn more about our different services, employment opportunities and our company history at www.atkinsinc.com .

Happy New Year!

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