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Q - Do you do windows?

A – Yes we do! Our focus is on commercial window cleaning accounts. We are certified in utilizing lifts for high access when needed.

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Q – Do you provide cleaning service for residential homes?

A – Not at this time. We only do routine cleaning for commercial businesses. We will consider special projects like floor stripping, waxing, and concrete refinishing.

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Q – Do you clean carpets residentially?

A – No, we do not clean residential carpet. We offer high-quality commercial carpet cleaning services.

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Q – Do you charge for an estimate?

A – Nope! All estimates are free.
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Q – What areas do your cleaning services cover?

A – We have offices in Columbia and Jefferson City and service a 50-mile radius around each of those cities. We will consider areas outside this in unique situations.

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Q – Do you sell cleaning chemicals?

A – We sell cleaning chemicals to commercial businesses. We do not sell cleaning chemicals to individuals.

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Q – Are you a diet company?

A – No, we offer commercial cleaning, turf and tree care, holiday lighting, snow removal, pest control services and more!

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Q- Do you offer lawn mowing service?

A-Yes,  both residential and commercial,  but only in the Columbia area at this time. We can refer you to someone in other markets.

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Q – Do you remove trees?

A- No, we do not offer tree removal service. We work with some companies that we trust to refer you to. We provide tree care services for all phases of the tree lifecycle.

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Q – Are your lawn applications safe for my children and pets.

A – Yes. We apply the safest and the best materials for the job that we can on your property and our own. We recommend allowing the liquid applications to dry for 30 minutes before returning to the lawn.

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Q – Why do I continue to have weeds?

A-Unfortunately you cannot eliminate all weeds. What we can do is to help you create an environment that reduces most of the weeds in the lawn for most of the growing season. Seeding to increase turf density and appropriate mowing practices throughout the season is actually your best weed control.

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Q – After you treat for my fungus, will it come back?

A-In most situations, yes it will come back. When the conditions favor the fungal disease and you have an established host plant, there is little to nothing that you can do to remove all risk for disease development and potential damage. Proper management practices and use of appropriate fungicides at the proper time can drastically reduce the pressure your turf receives form fungal disease.

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Q – Do you treat for Bed Bugs and if so how do you take care of them?

A – Yes, we do treat for bed bugs. The best approach to controlling bed bugs is the heat approach. We use both heat and chemical backup on most jobs.

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Q – Can you get rid of squirrels in my attic and what do you do with them to make sure they don’t come back?

A – Yes, we can trap squirrels and many other varmints. We will relocate them, without harm to an area far enough away that they will not be able to return. We can also repair the entry hole.

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Q – Do you offer termite inspection?

A – Yes, we offer free termite inspections for homeowners. We also provide termite inspections for real estate transactions for $50.

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Q—Do you service the lake area?

A—Yes, we offer pest control services including termite inspections and pet fencing.

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  • You Will Not Find a Better Group of People Anywhere

    “I have known Tom Atkins and the Atkins companies for over 30 years.  You will not find a better group of people anywhere.  They truly understand what “customer service” really means.  Their commitment to building a long term trusting relati…- Gary Drewing ~ Machens Mercedes & BMW  -

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  • It’s a Trust Thing with Atkins

    "From the top down, you can count on them to handle just about anything around the home. You don’t see a new face every time they show up. You get someone you can count on to do the job right and stand behind it."…- Jack Smith -

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  • Commitment to the Communities they Serve

    "Many Accolades can be given to a family owned company that has been successful for 90 years.  What exemplifies the Atkins Companies is their commitment to enhancing the communities they serve.   Many in our communities benefit daily from the extr…- Randy M. Morrow, Retired Vice President, Boone Hospital Center -

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  • Atkins Treats Our Business Like Family

    "We have used Atkins for many years for various services including lawn care and snow removal. We had used other providers in the past but have never found the high level of service with anyone that we always receive from Atkins! " - Bill Morrissey, President - Kilgores Medical Pharmacy -

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  • Atkins the Best Locally-Owned, Family Business

    “It’s my pleasure to congratulate Atkins on their 90th birthday.  You have always been the best of what makes a locally-owned, family business great.  We have worked with Atkins for all its 90 years and from one local business to an…- Steve Erdel – Chairman and CEO, Central Bank of Boone County -

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  • Keeping Lawns Healthy

    “Thank you for keeping my lawn healthy and happy and if I buy another place I will definitely call.”…- Cory S. -

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  • Great Attention to Detail

    “Josh and his team did a wonderful job at the Playhouse! They were so good to work with. They understood the importance of doing a very good job as we prepare for a wedding reception this Saturday. I praised them and asked Josh to be sure and tell …- Brick District Playhouse, Debbie LaRue, VP -

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