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December 8 2020
Atkins Inc
Atkins Inc

Keep your home rodent-free with Atkins’ pest control services.

Rodents, like rats, squirrels and mice — while cute — can easily wreak havoc on your home or business. From ripping up insulation, tearing up furniture, or damaging your electrical wiring, these creepy crawlers will chew on just about anything.

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Electrical Damage

Wiring is one of the most common places where we find damage from rodents. While it can harm them, it can cause much  more damage to your electrical wiring and put your safety at risk. Not only can this be costly to fix, but damaged wiring can also start fires. 

Insulation Damage

Rodents can make their nests out of anything, including paper, garbage and even your insulation. If a rodent decides insulation is its nest of choice, it will burrow and create tunnels through your insulation. This can decrease air quality as they nest and use your insulation as their personal bathroom. This also makes your home more difficult to heat in the winter months.

Damage to Personal Items

Rodents will chew on just about anything (except peppermint – they don’t like it) — this includes your furniture and other personal belongings. We all have some irreplaceable items in our homes, and if a rodent got its paws on it, it can be hard to salvage. If you suspect you have a rodent problem, give the Atkins pest control team a call. Our Rodent Patrol program helps eliminate pests by using long-term solutions so they don’t return.

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