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February 20 2017
Dale Spry
Dale Spry

Greetings to all Atkins employees,

Not sure if anyone was aware or not, but this is employee appreciation week and I wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank you! for all the hard work you are doing to make a difference towards your customers and to the company.  All of you add great value to the accomplishments of the company.  I was told once by one of our owners Tom Atkins, there are four (4) kinds of people – People who watch things happen, people who don’t know what is happening, people who don’t want things to happen and people making things happen.  All of you, our employees are making things happen for this company, thank you for being an Atkins employee and for helping our company grow.  We are especially proud of your commitment to make positive things happen within our company and we look forward to seeing your personal successes grow within the company.  We hope you have a great week while we celebrate your recent accomplishments during employee appreciation week.


Dale L. Spry
Chief Operating Officer

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Dale Spry
Chief Operating Officer
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